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Fiction 20 DownIn 2011, Jordan Lally, DJ Fritzges and Dre Toney began playing music together as Fiction 20 Down. Their first 4 years together were a whirlwind of national tours, studio productions and music video shoots. Along the way they accumulated numerous awards, and even charted in the top ten on iTunes. Fiction 20 Down was establishing a name for themselves and creating buzz within the music industry when suddenly, everything came to a halt.

The band was on tour in Florida in 2014 when the band’s singer-songwriter Jordan received a life altering phone call. His father, Ed Lally, had been struggling with clinical depression and his battle had culminated in suicide.

Fiction 20 Down took a self-imposed hiatus from music. During the time off, Jordan endeavored upon a proactive approach to mental health. Processing his father’s mental health struggles, along with his experiences of depression & social anxiety, Jordan dedicated himself to practices of meditation, mindfulness and open, honest self-expression.

JordanWhen the dust lifted and the band reconvened in studio, it was obvious there had been a change. Jordan's quest for peace had yielded a newly unfiltered artistic expression, with lyrics that were unabashedly honest and vocals steeped in raw passion. As DJ and Dre began jamming the new material, their musicianship took on new life. Without intention, the guys began to experiment with broader dynamics and explore different instrumentation. Effortlessly and organically, an entirely new sound emerged. Continuing as Fiction 20 Down no longer felt appropriate. The decision was clear that a new band had evolved. Thus was the genesis of The Big Infinite.


Jordan Jumps BIG!The Big Infinite reinvention had repercussions reaching far beyond the band's music. Their approach to their art and their very mission changed. "The Big Infinite is a band who has found our purpose. By casting light upon the noise in our own heads, we will connect with others who struggle. Our songs and shows will bridge that connection, while our partnership with the Ed Lally Foundation fosters it further." 

- Contributed by Mark Briner




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